Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hoochie Koochie

While I was tidying my flat the other day, I came across a list of my New Year's Resolutions for 2010. It may not surprise some of you to hear that number 4 on the list was "Watch more musicals".

It struck me that I had only seen one new musical so far this year; Funny Face, in which I finally saw Audrey Hepburn cast as a strong character and began to recognise the star appeal that had previously evaded me.

Luckily, my sister shares my love of musicals , so when we met last night to begin our week of Gran Sitting, she had brought along "Meet me in St. Louis". Hard to believe, but I had never seen this glorious movie, on whose set Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland fell in love.

I mentioned to Grandma that we would shortly be watching the film and left her to potter in her room. When I returned 20 minutes later to help her into the living room I was delighted to hear her merrily singing the theme tune. She hadn't a clue why she couldn't get that particular Ohrwurm out of her head but I was extremely proud that she could remember almost all of the lyrics when most of the time she doesn't know who we are, what day it is or where she's put her teeth.

The three of us snuggled up under the duvet and had a charming couple of hours laughing and singing along to the film. Minnelli may have been a lousy father to the wonderfully talented singer, actress and humanitarian who would become Liza with a Z, but he sure could direct a good movie.

Monday, 26 April 2010


Nach 997 Seiten verehrende Trauer und Selbstmitleid, kann ich nichts mehr von Bella Swan hoeren. Es haben mir viele gesagt, dass das 3. Buch besser sei , aber ich kann mir diese Abmuehung nicht antun. Bella haelt fuer mich gar keine Aniehungskraft, ich finde kein Bisschen Substanz in der Charakter. Was weiss man ueber ihre Talente, Hoffnungen und Bestreben? Es wird nicht erklaert, wieso sie so attraktiv ist. Soll man glauben, dass ihre Seele einfach so pur und perfekt ist, dass 2 aussergewohnliche Maenner sich in ihr verliebt haben?

Aber wenn ein schriftsteller ein Weltweit phaenomen sein soll, gebe ich nicht so einfach auf. Ich habe deswegen beschlossen, ein anderes Buch von Meyer zu lesen,um zu schaeuen, ob es nur vielleicht Bella ist, die mich so langweilt. „The Host“ handelt sich auch um die Genre „Paranormal Romance“ aber diesmal geht es um...Ausserirdische! Toll.

Nach 121 Seiten war es mir schon zu viel. Ich habe null Ahnung ueber die Persoenlichkeit der Heldin. Ich weiss nur, dass sie Sehnsucht nach einem sehr huebschen Mann hat. Erinnert es euch an etwas? Boring!

Meyer scheint auf die altmodische Idee zu stehen, dass wenn es im Leben schief geht, oder einfach einem langweilig ist, man kann sich immer auf einen grossen, starken Typen verlassen um sich zu retten. Nicht gerade das beste Vorbild fuer Teenage girls. Deswegen meine ich nicht, dass ich noch mehr von Stephanie Meyer lesen werde. Ich werde wohl mein bestes tun, mit euer Entaeuschung zu ueberleben.

Bettina meint ich soll am besten die „True Blood“ Buecher lesen. Sie gehen auch um Vampyre und ihrer Meinung nach, ist die Hauptfigur „my kind of heroine“.

Gegenerklaerung: Dieser Screiben bedeutet nicht, dass ich nicht schwach werde wenn Edward Cullen auf dem Bildschirm erscheint.

(Und schaut euch mal die Trailer fuer Eclipse an.)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Es faellt mir gerade ein, dass einige von euch (Nina, Lino) noch nicht zu Besuch in der neuen Wohnung waren.

So sieht meinen Blick zum Meer aus (etwas schraeg, aber hauptsache, man sieht's!) .

Monday, 19 April 2010


It’s been a long 9 days since I saw the last episode of Series 1 but this evening finally saw the return of Glee to UK screens and I have spent the last hour squealing with excitement and laughing out loud.

Sue Sylvester is far and away the best thing on TV this millennium to date (yes, even better than Saturday night’s tie–less Paxman) and I was especially loving the Lionel Richie number, the Sarah Palin dig and the amount of airtime devoted to Mr Schue’s guns.

My face hurts from smiling so hard.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

I heard he sang a good song...

The weekend’s fun continued when I spent an interesting Saturday evening with Van. After a delicious tea at Oriental Place, I dragged Vanessa across the road to the Piano Bar. Actually, dragged is wrong, lightly coaxed would be a better description as she never, ever needs much persuasion.

As we entered the bar, we were welcomed by the soft lilt of Piano Bar’s hostess, Roberta Slack, posing the customary question: “Do you girrrls sing?”.

The month of April brings joy to the residents of East Sussex for many different reasons. As the evenings become longer, the lambing season is in full flow and daffodils and hyacinths begin to bloom in abundance, April is also the month that the besequinned Roberta Slack returns to town. Whoopee!

SuBo she ain’t, but her frocks are fabulous and there’s nowhere in Brighton I’d rather be on a Saturday night.

Impressed by the new decor and relieved that the bar was considerably livelier than on some of our previous visits, we ordered a couple of house doubles and took our places near the stage. I remember the first time we brought Marie here. The bar was empty aside from the three of us and a frankly ancient fellow who proceeded to take our photo and grin at us in silence as we supped our drinks as quickly as possible in an attempt to get out of there as soon as it was polite to do so.

But back to last night... Whilst Vanessa was perusing the karaoke books, deciding which tune would suitably demonstrate our vocal talents, I was approached by a man from the next table who just moments ago had been passionately kissing his male companion.

Man: Hi. So, what’s your story? Gay, straight, bi?

Me: Oh, I’m straight

Man: And your friend (indicates Vanessa with a nod of his head)

Me: She’s straight too

Man: Great, great. So let’s swap numbers, hook up some time for some fun?

Me: (stares, puzzled)

Man: You know, some fun? Unless you’re just here for the singing. (laughs)

Me: Oh yes. We are. We’re just here for the singing.

Man: (laughs) Well, I’ll give you my number in case either of you feels like calling me later.

Me: No. No thanks, neither of us is interested.

Man: (leans in closer) Well if it helps persuade you... (pauses) I have a really massive cock.

Me: (chokes on G&T) No, no, thanks. Will you excuse me please?

As I scurry over to Vanessa, oblivious and innocently flicking through a list of “Motown Showstoppers”, the man proceeds to try his luck with the hostess, sleazily rubbing up against her as they take to the stage to perform a duet.

As we left the bar an hour or so later, he was still offering his number to anyone who cared to take it. Gay, straight or bi , he didn’t seem to mind.

Maybe this is what Mike at the George was trying to warn us about.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Say what?

Whilst we’re on the subject of music, heard this on the radio yesterday and it reminded me how much I adore this video and how I wish, wish, wish I had been invited to this party.

A Very Merry Record Shop Day to you!

Today is Record Shop Day. Yip Yip! I wasn't up early enough to queue at Resident Records from 8am for Jonathan’s copy of the ltd edition Blur 7” but luckily he has a true friend in Vic who was up at the crack of dawn to do so.

I arrived shortly after 10, just in time to extract Dan from the slow moving line of pop pickers and convince him and Vic to come for Community Breakfast at St. Michael’s, where Vic was kind enough to divvy up her goody bag of free CDs, posters and badges.

After Yoga, I chanced another walk past Resident which was now suitably empty for me to pop in for what I kidded myself was “just a browse”. Taking advantage of the RSD offers for under a fiver I bought the new First Aid Kit and an album by Brighton locals Blood Red shoes, then headed home to the comfort of my sofa.

The past few hours have seen me curled up under my duvet drinking from a huge mug of tea, listening to some fab new music (accompanied by some DIY noises from next door) and flicking through the beautiful artwork of my older CDs with a sense of regret that I don’t listen to them more often.

My favourite day of the week is nearly always Sunday, but this Saturday has been a delight. I feel relaxed, refreshed and resolved to spend more days like this instead of ceaselessly making plans every weekend, then feeling shattered by Sunday night. My lack of plans meant that I was also able to accept a last minute invite to dinner at Nessy’s so heading there in just over an hour!

Hope you’re all having as wonderful a weekend as I am and recovering from your busy weeks at the office/Baumesse /HR Workshop!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Alice and I planted some seeds on Sunday.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Und nun ist es soweit. Nach viele Monate warten, haben wir neulich unser Schrebergarten bekommen.

Anbei einen Foto von unser kleinen 5m x 5m Gruendstueck. Es befindet sich hinter unser Lagerhalle in Littlehampton und wir sind auf jeden Fall gespannt, leckere Gemuse zu zuechten.

Ich habe mir also gedacht, dass es die passende Zeit ist, einen Weblog anzufangen, damit ihr was von dem Schrebergaertchen sieht, und auch damit ich euch ein Bissel mehr ueber das Leben in Brighton erzaehlen kann. Ihr bekommt denn, ab und zu mal Fotos von meinem Bastelanschlaege und ausserdem ist es ein guten Auslass das Deutsch einigermassen zu ueben.

Viel Spass beim Lesen, meine Zuckerschnecken!