Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hoochie Koochie

While I was tidying my flat the other day, I came across a list of my New Year's Resolutions for 2010. It may not surprise some of you to hear that number 4 on the list was "Watch more musicals".

It struck me that I had only seen one new musical so far this year; Funny Face, in which I finally saw Audrey Hepburn cast as a strong character and began to recognise the star appeal that had previously evaded me.

Luckily, my sister shares my love of musicals , so when we met last night to begin our week of Gran Sitting, she had brought along "Meet me in St. Louis". Hard to believe, but I had never seen this glorious movie, on whose set Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland fell in love.

I mentioned to Grandma that we would shortly be watching the film and left her to potter in her room. When I returned 20 minutes later to help her into the living room I was delighted to hear her merrily singing the theme tune. She hadn't a clue why she couldn't get that particular Ohrwurm out of her head but I was extremely proud that she could remember almost all of the lyrics when most of the time she doesn't know who we are, what day it is or where she's put her teeth.

The three of us snuggled up under the duvet and had a charming couple of hours laughing and singing along to the film. Minnelli may have been a lousy father to the wonderfully talented singer, actress and humanitarian who would become Liza with a Z, but he sure could direct a good movie.

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  1. Heftig was mann erinnert oder?
    Ist die Liebe zu Musicals vererbar?