Saturday, 17 April 2010

A Very Merry Record Shop Day to you!

Today is Record Shop Day. Yip Yip! I wasn't up early enough to queue at Resident Records from 8am for Jonathan’s copy of the ltd edition Blur 7” but luckily he has a true friend in Vic who was up at the crack of dawn to do so.

I arrived shortly after 10, just in time to extract Dan from the slow moving line of pop pickers and convince him and Vic to come for Community Breakfast at St. Michael’s, where Vic was kind enough to divvy up her goody bag of free CDs, posters and badges.

After Yoga, I chanced another walk past Resident which was now suitably empty for me to pop in for what I kidded myself was “just a browse”. Taking advantage of the RSD offers for under a fiver I bought the new First Aid Kit and an album by Brighton locals Blood Red shoes, then headed home to the comfort of my sofa.

The past few hours have seen me curled up under my duvet drinking from a huge mug of tea, listening to some fab new music (accompanied by some DIY noises from next door) and flicking through the beautiful artwork of my older CDs with a sense of regret that I don’t listen to them more often.

My favourite day of the week is nearly always Sunday, but this Saturday has been a delight. I feel relaxed, refreshed and resolved to spend more days like this instead of ceaselessly making plans every weekend, then feeling shattered by Sunday night. My lack of plans meant that I was also able to accept a last minute invite to dinner at Nessy’s so heading there in just over an hour!

Hope you’re all having as wonderful a weekend as I am and recovering from your busy weeks at the office/Baumesse /HR Workshop!

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