Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Countdown to November 19th

Under strict instructions from Chloe I've just watched the Deathly Hallows trailer and am now all goose pimply.

Can't believe we have to wait so long. Grumble grumble.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Photo taken by Jonathan at Middle Farm.

Dual nationality

When Jonathan asked me on Tuesday where Lino came from, I was unsure what to answer. Jonathan actually wanted to know which team he’s supporting, to which the answer would be Spain, but I also said that he was Venezuelan as that’s where he grew up. Lino can be either one, or both, depending on who has qualified for various sporting events!

The FIFA rules regarding player nationality also leaves some room to manoeuvre. As long as they have not played for the senior national team in an official match, players can choose which country they would like to represent.

Of the 23 players on the current World Cup team for Algeria, 17 of them were born in France. Kevin-Prince Boateng, the Berlin born Portsmouth midfielder is playing for the Ghanaian side, whilst his brother Jerome plays for Germany. So if international footballers are flexible, it’s perfectly reasonable for Lino to pick and choose which nationality he would like to be depending on his mood and/or pride at that particular moment.

But to hear him referring to the German team as “us” is, I think, pushing it a bit. Now he’s just covering his bases in case Spain don’t get as far as Germany.

From now on Lino, I’m going to make you commit to a country at the start of the tournament and make you stick to it...

drink into the drink

This week, Radio 6 Music have complied a run-down of listeners’ Top 10 Glastonbury performances of which the winner was Blur, singing The Universal. I would personally have voted for Tender but there’s no doubt in my mind that Blur’s comeback should have topped the list.

Watching Gorillaz on Friday night, I was glad to see that Damon Albarn had managed to do it again. With a phenomenal line up of guests it was one hell of a show and watching Damon as he performed Pirate Jet was the highlight for me. The sense of duty with which he almost pleaded with the audience as he slowly pronounced each word moved me to tears.

You can see most of it on the iPlayer if you’re in the UK and here’s a wonderful clip of some of the encore.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

More strawberries

And these are in my kitchen, doing much better than those on the allotment!

Maybe we will get to choose 2 strawberry recipes after all!

Strawberry update

Had to take drastic action on Friday to protect the strawberries from whatever was munching them.

They are now perched on top of little towers of earth and surrounded by straw which slugs and suchlike can't slither over.

And it seems to have worked... so far this week Alice and I have eaten 2 whole strawberries. YUM!

Hopefully we will get some more soon so we are deciding which one strawberry based recipe we can use them for. I think we've settled on scones, clotted cream and fresh strawberries on top.

Any additional suggestions on a postcard please.

Our vegetable garden

The garden is really starting to look the part now. Lots of greenery plus sweet peas and marigolds to brighten the place up.

I even managed to rescue some little pea seedlings from the garden centre and cannot wait until they're ready to eat...

(ignore the weeds behind the fence)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Saw this sign on a lamppost at the weekend.

There's a snake on the loose in St. Michael's Place!!

Hope Tildy finds it soon!

oh oh oh, oh oh oh, uh oh

I am still refusing to watch SATC2.
And this bit does look quite good.

But it's not quite as good as Kurt doing a similar thing with the Football team.

The Pigeon

In the German language, it’s hard to know whether someone’s talking about a pigeon, or a dove.

Being an international symbol of love and peace, doves are the high fliers of the family. But auf Deutsch, they’re unfortunately burdened with the same name as their feral brothers.

In Brighton, you tend to come across two types of winged pests:

  • Very big, vicious birds: these are the seagulls
  • Smaller, dirty birds: these are the pigeons

For a while I was unsure which type was munching all my seedlings until I caught this ugly fellow on my windowsill one morning, waiting:

Here’s what my neighbours decided to do about it (ow!):

So this week I commenced on this slightly subtler method of protecting my strawberries:

I was happy to find a copy of The Pigeon, in Oxfam on London Road around a year ago. It’s a novella by Patrick Sueskind, whose Das Parfum I had enjoyed reading on the S-bahn to Marienfelde when I was a Praktikantin there.

The Pigeon is a frightening book centred on a shy security guard whose descent into madness is hastened by a pigeon roosting outside his door.

Say what you like about the book focussing on themes of loneliness, obsession and lack of control over one’s life; faced with a pigeon constantly standing watch outside, I would also be tempted to leave my flat nevermore.

Sueskind now lives a reclusive life in Bavaria. I would be willing to bet that this followed a disagreeable encounter with a pigeon in his youth.

They’re horrible.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Look at my new toy!

It arrived last week and it's taken all my willpower not to cut up and redesign my whole wardrobe....

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Brighton Open Houses

May was a whirl of activity this year, hence why I am only just catching up on my blogging for the entire month.

Unfortunately this meant that I didn’t get to see as many Artists’ Open Houses as I would’ve liked to but I made sure I visited the most important one and got the chance to see the incredibly creative Paul and his equally talented friends showing off their work in Rottingdean!

I’m so proud of him and hope the open house brings him lots of recognition and perhaps even the odd commission or two.

Here’s his website, please all go and have a look.


And here’s one of my favourite pieces:

Ein Vogel!

Diese wunderschoene Hahn stolzierte neben uns, waehrend wir geackert haben.

Ich meine Nina nennt sowas Fasan.

Amberley Museum and Chalk Pit

In my office, we’re fortunate enough to be able to take a number of days out each year to work on various projects within the community. They’re a lovely chance to help out where charities are in need of volunteers, with the added bonuses of getting some fresh air and becoming acquainted with some of the funny people that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to talk to at work.

A few weeks ago I was at Amberley Chalk Pit, clearing a pathway of brambles to enable visitors to walk alongside the antique railway tracks that my colleagues were helping to restore. It was the first seriously warm day of the year and after a hard morning’s graft, we had our lunch on the benches in the centre of the museum village. It’s a strange place, where it feels as though time has stood still. Local people practice traditional crafts such as making wheels and brooms and there’s a charming vintage bus which takes visitors to other parts of the site. The wildlife was also pretty spectacular so taking advantage of the good weather I borrowed a colleague’s camera and took a few shots of the surrounds. Glorious.