Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dual nationality

When Jonathan asked me on Tuesday where Lino came from, I was unsure what to answer. Jonathan actually wanted to know which team he’s supporting, to which the answer would be Spain, but I also said that he was Venezuelan as that’s where he grew up. Lino can be either one, or both, depending on who has qualified for various sporting events!

The FIFA rules regarding player nationality also leaves some room to manoeuvre. As long as they have not played for the senior national team in an official match, players can choose which country they would like to represent.

Of the 23 players on the current World Cup team for Algeria, 17 of them were born in France. Kevin-Prince Boateng, the Berlin born Portsmouth midfielder is playing for the Ghanaian side, whilst his brother Jerome plays for Germany. So if international footballers are flexible, it’s perfectly reasonable for Lino to pick and choose which nationality he would like to be depending on his mood and/or pride at that particular moment.

But to hear him referring to the German team as “us” is, I think, pushing it a bit. Now he’s just covering his bases in case Spain don’t get as far as Germany.

From now on Lino, I’m going to make you commit to a country at the start of the tournament and make you stick to it...


  1. :D Sehr lustig! Ich würde das selbe wie ihn machen!

  2. Wao I can't believe I have been away from your blog for sooo long. I am reading this entry today TODAY!!!! exactly one month after it was written!

    Lyndsey, my team is Spain, it has always been and it will always be. The new world champion. he he :-) Venezuelans don't play football und das ist auch gut so. And Germany: Es ist einfach geil hier bei der WM ;-)

    Thanks for writting about my lack of Heimat ;-)