Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Courgette Blossoms

I am quite certain that Japan is my favourite country. My reasons for believing this are as follows:



Kappa Maki



I dream of the cherry trees and bridges and sake that Ishiguro writes of but as I won’t make it there any time soon I have had to satisfy my wanderlust by having a go at making courgette tempura instead. Hai si ja!

The courgette came courtesy of Anna’s allotment and I also picked a few flowers from the courgette plants on our plot. The word in the office at the moment is on courgettes; everyone who owns an allotment has a glut (gardening lingo for an awful lot) and Alice and I have finally caught up. As well as the fruit, courgette plants also produce a beautiful blossom which can be eaten and is in fact treated as something of a delicacy in the foodie world due to its short flowering time and refusal to travel well. It does feel quite decadent eating these rare and very expensive treats but they do work well as tempura!

Here’s what I did: 1) sliced the courgette and sprinkled on some salt to dry out for an hour 2) prepared the flowers: cut out the stamens and gave the flowers a thorough wash, then left them on some kitchen roll to dry out 3) put 100g of self raising flour into a bowl and gradually added sparkling water (probably around 200ml) until the mixture was runny like single cream. 4) seasoned with salt and pepper and a teeny tiny bit of harissa. 5) filled flowers with mozzarella 6) dipped vegetables and stuffed flowers first in flour, then in the batter then straight into some hot sunflower oil until they were golden brown. Then ate with some sweet dipping sauce.

I burnt my tongue of course but the melted cheese inside the flowers was just unbelievable! Here're some pics.

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