Thursday, 23 September 2010

Brew Tea Bar

When I was in Liverpool, I paid a visit to Brew Tea Bar after work one afternoon. Very different from the Tea shops we have in Brighton, Brew is one of a new breed of modern, coffee shop style takes on the tea ritual which don’t quite seem to have caught on just yet. With a wide selection of iced and hot teas and lots of tea and accessories to buy from the knowledgeable staff, it certainly wasn’t wanting in quality, and it seemed to fit in well to the commercial district in which it was located. I don’t know why they don’t have more places like this in London.

Although I had a delicious iced tea, it felt slightly wrong to be drinking tea from a plastic tumbler. The Tea Bar concept isn’t quite my cup of tea (erk, sorry) but I really hope we start to see more of these dotted around soon instead of the now ubiquitous coffee shops. It’s about time the tea shops start fighting back!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Age Fun with a Vintage Feel.

Got annoyed with myself on Saturday for saying vintage when I actually meant second hand.

Seems like the makers of this video feel the same way.


Check out these bad boys.
Yes, you know what the secret ingredient is...

Sunset on Dyke Farm, Pulborough

Monday, 20 September 2010

Caitlin Rose at the Latest Music Bar

It’s hard when you realise you’re turning into your parents. After years of fighting what I now see must be an inherited trait, I feel able to admit that I really enjoy listening to country music, a genre which we spent most of our childhood mocking our honourable father for. It started with Emmy The Great, and I’ve been secretly listening to Lady Antebellum on Spotify, but seeing Caitlin Rose play the Latest Music Bar on Tuesday clinched it for me. Her stunning voice, heartfelt lyrics and sweet persona made for a delightful performance and her increasingly drunken chatter between songs added to the charm of the evening. I woke up on Wednesday humming For the Rabbits and haven’t been able to get it out of my head today, it’s lovely. Jonathan has written a much better review than I ever could and has uploaded some snippets onto youtube here. Well worth a look.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Blackberry sorbet

Recently, I have discovered the joy of free food, I’ve started to notice blackberries everywhere and in order to avoid a) buying them overpriced from supermarkets and b) rescuing them from supermarket bins, I have been picking them from bramble bushes whenever I spot them. Luckily, there are tons of them around the site at work so on Friday I filled a huge bag aiming to make blackberry sorbet over the weekend. Overwhelmed by the selection of recipes on google, I used the failproof plan of picking the first recipe I could find which only used ingredients that I already had indoors. My choice had the added advantage of being one of the few recipes with gin in it too. Bonus. In the past I have been put off the idea of making ice cream or sorbet due to the effort needed during the freezing phase; once an hour for 4 hours you need to stir it to get rid of ice crystals. But actually this turned out not to be as much hassle as I though and I had quite a nice evening blogging, listening to music and getting up every now and then to pay my sorbet some attention. Thanks to the Woodlands Blog for the recipe. This was initially planned to be an accompaniment to Blackberry Friends from a recipe for elderflower which I planned to slightly adapt but in the end I used all the fruits in the sorbet so had to make apple cake instead. The apples were also free, found on a tree in front of reception at work!

An extremely delicious and cost effective treat for afternoon tea on a Sunday.

(Photos don't quite do justice to the beautiful colour, you'll have to come round and try some for yourself!)

Saturday on Upper Gardner Street

If you haven't gathered by now, I had a fabulous day yesterday. Also went to the Saturday flea market and fought the urge to spend all my money. Here's a couple of my favourite stalls:

Saturday, 18 September 2010

This evening

This is how the sky looked this evening. Beautiful.

September Gemuese

September war schon immer mein Lieblingsmonat, Wetter bleibt noch warm(ig), die ersten Blaetter werden langsam orange und fallen bald zum Boden, und ich kann Abends mit dicke Socken und Waermeflasche am Sofa sitzen waehrend die offenen Fenster die schoene frische Herbstluft reinlaesst (genau was ich jetzt mache, entzueckend).

Und nun wird September nur noch besser seitdem wir das Garten haben, dennes gibt gerade so viele Ware im Garten. Bohnen, Spinat, Rote Bete, (einige) Tomaten, Zucchini, jeder menge Kraeuter. Bald werden wir den Boden fuer den Winter vorbereiten muessen aber im Moment geniessen wir die schoenfarbigen fruechte unser Arbeit.

The Best Hot Chocolate in Brighton

Brighton woke up to a glorious sunny day today. The kind of September morning where the soft Autumn sun is low in the sky casting a misty, romantic sort of light over everything. I met Alice for breakfast in the new Brighton Farm Market which has only been open a few weeks but was comfortably bustling when we arrived this morning. There was lots of brightly coloured produce for sale, unusual varieties of vegetables, cupcakes and brownies, local cheeses and a beautiful selection of autumn squashes. We had the apple pancakes from the Jolly Green Cafe, tempted by the chef, (used to be head chef at Bill’s,) who claimed to serve the best hot chocolate in Brighton. He wasn’t exaggerating and I shall go so far as to say it was the best hot chocolate ever (Sorry Alba, even better than in Madrid).

Hopefully the Farm Market will be a success and I intend to pop in there as often as I can for a delicious treat!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Morning, Here is yesterday's haul from the allotment!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The best that £1.60 can buy

This is what is referred to as a chip barm in Liverpool.