Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Best Hot Chocolate in Brighton

Brighton woke up to a glorious sunny day today. The kind of September morning where the soft Autumn sun is low in the sky casting a misty, romantic sort of light over everything. I met Alice for breakfast in the new Brighton Farm Market which has only been open a few weeks but was comfortably bustling when we arrived this morning. There was lots of brightly coloured produce for sale, unusual varieties of vegetables, cupcakes and brownies, local cheeses and a beautiful selection of autumn squashes. We had the apple pancakes from the Jolly Green Cafe, tempted by the chef, (used to be head chef at Bill’s,) who claimed to serve the best hot chocolate in Brighton. He wasn’t exaggerating and I shall go so far as to say it was the best hot chocolate ever (Sorry Alba, even better than in Madrid).

Hopefully the Farm Market will be a success and I intend to pop in there as often as I can for a delicious treat!

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