Sunday, 19 September 2010

Blackberry sorbet

Recently, I have discovered the joy of free food, I’ve started to notice blackberries everywhere and in order to avoid a) buying them overpriced from supermarkets and b) rescuing them from supermarket bins, I have been picking them from bramble bushes whenever I spot them. Luckily, there are tons of them around the site at work so on Friday I filled a huge bag aiming to make blackberry sorbet over the weekend. Overwhelmed by the selection of recipes on google, I used the failproof plan of picking the first recipe I could find which only used ingredients that I already had indoors. My choice had the added advantage of being one of the few recipes with gin in it too. Bonus. In the past I have been put off the idea of making ice cream or sorbet due to the effort needed during the freezing phase; once an hour for 4 hours you need to stir it to get rid of ice crystals. But actually this turned out not to be as much hassle as I though and I had quite a nice evening blogging, listening to music and getting up every now and then to pay my sorbet some attention. Thanks to the Woodlands Blog for the recipe. This was initially planned to be an accompaniment to Blackberry Friends from a recipe for elderflower which I planned to slightly adapt but in the end I used all the fruits in the sorbet so had to make apple cake instead. The apples were also free, found on a tree in front of reception at work!

An extremely delicious and cost effective treat for afternoon tea on a Sunday.

(Photos don't quite do justice to the beautiful colour, you'll have to come round and try some for yourself!)

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