Thursday, 28 October 2010

Allotment falafel

When you choose to follow a meat free diet, your meal choices can become somewhat restricted. Cooking for yourself isn't a problem and Brighton caters pretty well for the herbivores amongst us, but once you leave the city eating out tends to be narrowed down to goat's cheese tart or falafel. Luckily I do rather like goat's cheese, but falafel was never really to my liking, mostly because I find it too dry.

However, the summer before last, we had an awful lot of picnics and the beetroot falafel from Waitrose became a staple at these events. They were incredibly tasty and moist and easy to eat. Waitrose don't do them anymore and although I haven't thought about them for a while, they did pop into my head when I was thinking of novel ways to use the Beetroot on the

I found a recipe for Carrot Falafel by Sophie Grigson and replaced the carrot with beetroot. It was so easy, I just mixed the chick peas, grated beetroot, spring onions (also home grown), garlic and cumin with a food processor then made into patties and shallow fried. Not only were they fun and quick to make, they also gave the chopping board, washing up water and my hands a beautiful pink hue.

The photos below don't quite do justice to the amazing colour but you can get some idea of how they looked.

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