Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Josie Long at the Dome

It’s the Comedy Festival this month in Brighton so I went with Jonathan to see the delightful Josie Long do some stand up on Thursday. Previously I’d seen her on the TV, doing various panel shows as well as having heard her on the radio and her humour was always very sweet, observational comedy about people, places and the silly things she gets up to. I heard her being interviewed a few weeks ago saying that she was trying to be more grown up, attempting to make the world a more pleasant place in her own little way by sharing her ideas for a better world with her audience. It’s how I feel at the moment too, it’s time to start acting like an adult and develop my own grown up opinions and stuff.

After seeing the show, I am positive that if I ever met Josie Long, she would become my best friend. She even opened the show with a sketch about being an astronaut! That can’t just be a coincidence. We have a connection.

The show was hilarious, she talked about her travels, did a hysterical section on politics and introduced us to the flickr account of her new found friend Walter Ezell over in the states. Here’s the link to his project to photograph his breakfast every day for a year, it’s lovely, although Josie did highlight that Walter eats his way through a terrifying number of eggs. And I don’t know how he manages it, but even with his vast assortment of photographic equipment he manages to make nearly every breakfast look equally unappetizing. They remind me of the pictures from mum’s 1970s cookbooks in which the colour scheme consisted of brown and yellow with the odd red cherry on top of something.

Come back to Brighton soon Josie!

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