Friday, 26 November 2010

The Story of Stuff

“The Story of Stuff” is an inspiring film about the amount of stuff we buy, why we buy it, and the effect our consumption is having on the planet.

The film is part of a project to encourage us to make an informed decision to consume less stuff and to buy responsibly in the hope that reduced consumer demand will eventually lead to happier people, a healthier planet and a more sustainable economy. In contrast to the many misguided environmental initiatives and films (such as the self satisfying “No Impact Man”), this makes an important and well presented point which needs to reach as many people as possible. The 20% of us humans living in the developed world manage to consume 80% of the planet’s resources. Not only does this cause damage to our environment but also exacerbates the unfair distribution of wealth around the world.

Tomorrow is National Buy Nothing Day which I will be taking part in as my own little protest against consumerism and to remind me to think about what I’m buying and where it comes from. Thousands of people around Europe are due to join in.

I encourage you all to do the same.

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