Saturday, 20 November 2010

White Night

A few weeks ago, it was White Night in Brighton. In celebration of the end of British Summer Time, the city stays alive until dawn with dozens of events to take part in or watch throughout the night.

When we arrived at New Road around 11pm, we found ourselves thrown into a celebration of life and death. Life size puppets had been created to symbolise Maria de la Muerte marrying a Man of the Living. The warm weather has brought out hundreds of people and we slowly made our way through the bustling crowd into the Pavilion Gardens to catch our breath and look around at all the strange sights; actors, musicians and spectators all mingling with incredibly drunken, noisy freshers in Halloween costume celebrating with their new found university friends for life. We came across a couple of pianos on our walk, simple placed outdoors, in the park, surrounded bysinging and dancing and people having a splendid time. We saw a french singer and accordion player in the Dome and went to an all night knitting workshop at the Komedia. Onto the Lighthouse for an exhibition and a few video installations and we were ready for bed. We stayed out until about 3. Quite a poor performance considering I'd have loved to see the dawn chorus on the beach, but at least there's something left for next year!

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