Tuesday, 23 November 2010


A few weeks ago I spent a Saturday afternoon at a Popular Education crochet workshop at The Cowley Club on London Road.

Next to me around the table sat a friendly individual named Pearl, who helped me learn how to make granny squares and at the end of the session presented me with issue 17 of her zine.

When we saw Josie Long a few weeks ago, the programme was in the form of a zine and when I showed Jonathan the edition of Peach Melba that Pearl had given me, he showed me a pile of zines that he has been collecting over the years. A zine is a self published amateur magazine on a subject of the author's choosing, for fans of the same subject. A fanzine. The issues that Jonathan owns contain a fascinating mix of comics, stories, poems, lists and recipes amongst other things. Peach Melba mainly consists of lists, and the clever folding mechanism means that pages overlap, so that the bottom half of the 'Food for mice' list can also become responses to 'A sample menu of a stereotypical Wallace and Gromit themed party' and then, perhaps more confusingly, a list of weapons morphs into 'Words you can add the word cat to'. It's great fun and I hope this won't be the last issue of Peach Melba that finds its way into my possession. I'm not the only fan; Matthew over at 365 zines has dedicated many a post to Pearl's work! Really interesting to see what has been in previous editions.

Whilst we're on the subject of magazines, let me introduce you to another recent discovery; "Oh Comely", a magazine that is surely written just for me, about all the things I love. Here's their blog, hope you like it as much as I do.

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