Thursday, 30 December 2010

Best of 2010

Well, what a year it was! After a whirl of gigging and crafting and working on the allotment, it's hard to believe that 2010 is over already.

The year will always be remembered as the first for our little garden, I never realised how much of our time it would take up; from March to September we were there practically every day. And the related activities too; reading allotment guides, preparing seedlings, researching pest control, and of course cooking and eating our delicious yield!

I hope you've all enjoyed reading about it.

The year was also filled with craft activities. After learning to crochet last winter, I've kept myself busy with various projects, a toy fox for Jonathan, a puppy for Nina and my favourite; a tiny Slytherin Head Girl for Chloe (See below). I'm currently creating a blanket of granny squares, to give a rustic look to my bedroom.

And as usual, there's been an awful lot of good music. Top 5 to follow.

Seeing as I like doing lists, here are a few of my favourite things this year...

Fave second Hand find: Beautiful Aran Jumper in Beyond Retro
Fave second hand bargain: £1 crochet jumper at Brighton Craft Fair
Fave second Hand Book: 1st Edition of Mrs Harris goes to New York
Fave eco friendly discovery: Composting Loos
Fave politician: Caroline Lucas, whose election to MP for Brighton Pav was the only good thing to come out of this year's poll
Fave Gig: A drunken Caitlin Rose at the Latest Music Bar.
Fave surprise: Marie visiting the UK in June.
Fave Game: Yellow Car
Fave cookery Book: Primrose Bakery
Fave food/drink: Hemp Hot Chocolate from the Jolly Green Cafe.
Fave recipe for allotment gluts: Creamy Courgette Lasagne
Fave shop: Urban Outfitters, which finally opened in Brighton (thank goodness now that I can't shop in Topshop anymore)
Fave bar in Brighton: Lucky Voice (Finally! A karaoke bar)
Fave feature Film: Whatever works
Fave docu film: Food Inc
Fave TV: Misfits
Fave TV moment: The Glee performance of Bad Romance (must've watched this around 20 times)
Fave theatrical performance: Before I sleep by dreamthinksleep (yes, even better than The Hoff in Panto)
Fave non fiction Read: Waste by Tristram Stuart ( a last minute entry "Teach us to sit still" comes a close second)
Fave fiction Read: Norwegian Wood (closely followed by Good Morning Midnight)
Fave thing ever: Ending 2010 as the only one of us in the pub still in my 20s.

Okay, that's enough. I understand that this is only of interest to me.

So to end, here are some pictures of my favourite craft project of 2010.
From left to right: Ogling Mister Schue during the Glee finale, drinking Cava on a train to Norwich, being cuddled/ squished by Celia.

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