Sunday, 20 February 2011

Gainsbourg: Vie Héroïque

It was pure coincidence that I recently saw the film Gainsbourg: Vie Héroïque twice in the space of a week. Initially, I watched it with Jonathan on a Friday night, then was happy to see it for a second time when I found out it was the featured film in the Basement Cinema at The Globe last Tuesday evening.

The Globe shows films in the downstairs bar every Tuesday; popcorn is provided as is a phone number so that you can text your drink order to the bar upstairs so as not to miss any of the film.

The film gives a surreal French twist to the tale of Serge Gainsbourg, turning his story into a fairytale as viewers are taken for a spin through the life of France’s popular hero. The film was wonderfully directed, with the tragic and beautiful Lucy Gordon an ideal choice for the role of Birkin, and Eric Elmosnino taking Gainsbourg seamlessly from a young art student through his life as a womanizer and provocateur. It’s moving and exciting and funny. The scene in which Laetitia Casta’s Brigitte Bardot struts along the corridor of Gainsbourg’s lodgings is surely the perfect visual representation of the term Blonde Bombshell.

There’s a moment where the morning after a night together, Bardot asks Serge “Are there any croissants?”, to which he replies “No, I’ve written three songs”. Rather egoistically, I couldn’t help but compare Serge’s attitude to Jonathan’s when he is making music. My lovely boyfriend is currently undertaking a project to write a song a week for the entire year and when he’s composing, he is absolutely single-minded in his aim to get the song finished. To the extent that he sometimes forgets to eat.

Oh dear, have I really just turned a post about Serge Gainsbourg into a yarn about my boyfriend? I must be in love. Yuk.

Here’s my favourite song so far:

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