Saturday, 19 February 2011

Make Up tutorials

I’ve never worn a lot of make up, so it’s no surprise that it wasn’t until September that I learnt how to use foundation, and found out what toner is for. I’m now hooked and imagine I shall spend some years now trying to achieve the perfect cover.

My aunt Sylla, a singer by trade, swears by MAC. So after a visit to the optician this afternoon, I popped into the Brighton store to see what they had on offer. It’s fun to have a makeover in store when you’re out shopping. And even though the lady only applied some moisturiser and foundation, it’s quite nice having your face touched by someone who knows what they’re doing. Leaving the shop feeling fresh faced and blemish free, I decided to try out some new looks when I got home.

I looked up Lauren Luke’s make up guides on youtube after having read her column in the Guardian. The videos are lovely, with Lauren in her bedroom, happily prattling away about bits and bobs while she expertly applies the make up to herself. The video I’ve attached to this post is especially sweet, as she is continually interrupted by various flying creatures which have come through the window on the balmy summer evening. She even includes photos of the bugs at the end of the film.

Feeling inspired, and armed with a generous glass of Merlot, I set to work hunting for some make up to try out my newly acquired knowledge.

This was not as easy as it sounds. Because I’m fairly low maintenance (ie lazy) and have a boyfriend who likes me just fine without make up (aaahh), I have a fairly limited selection. Most of my make up has been gifts, or recommendations from other people, and I’ve never been loyal to a brand (ehem). This could explain why my make up bag contains such curious items, all of which have been predictably underused; a lip primer, illuminating eye treatment, buffing lip beads, and a sparkly purple lip gloss I made myself during my induction programme at work.

With background music by Neil Young courtesy of Spotify, I had a productive evening trying to get the looks right. The result wasn’t half bad but I definitely need more practice, next time I’ll get the lift share girls round to help.

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