Sunday, 27 March 2011

Underneath the concrete

Walking through town today on a beautiful spring afternoon's stroll, Jonathan and I were lucky enough to pass by the community garden in the North Laine on their open day. We ventured inside for a peek.

After an initial wander round, it struck me that this was the type of garden you create for yourself when you're a kid. That corner of the garden or a spot behind some trees in the park that no one else knows of and which you fill with things to make it homely. You don't have a great deal of possessions so you get creative with sticks and rocks and leaves or found objects from around the house. You make the garden into your own magical hideaway.

This is just what the folk of the Brighton Mound have done. Taking over a plot of land that's been idle for 14 years, they've collected and scavenged items to create an environment welcoming to all. It's highly illegal of course, and court action is underway, but it's difficult to see what harm they are doing by planting flowers and crops, composting kitchen waste and reclaiming rubbish from around the city.

The people of Brighton have seen this happen before; last year the occupants of the Lewes Road Community Garden were asked to leave, putting an end to a popular haven for local people on a busy road. The group at Brighton Mound have tried to open a dialogue with the company managing the site to ask for their support but so far to no avail.

There are many ways to support the garden: visit them and help with some gardening on a Sunday, write to the site managers, donate materials, bring along some water to help nourish their plants if you're passing that way.

To keep up to date with what they're up to, you can also follow them on twitter here.

Here are a few pictures of the good work they're doing.

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