Friday, 1 April 2011

Wildflower planting

If you talk gardening with anyone who lives in Brighton, chances are, the topic of the wildflowers will quickly come up.

Last year, hundreds of wildflowers were planted on the Lewes Road creating a stunning display which lasted throughout the summer and had everyone talking. I never saw them myself but have heard about them from dozens of people and saw some pictures when Josie Jeffrey of Seed Freedom gave a talk at World Book Night Pecha Kucha last month.

Encouraged by the popularity of the Lewes Road flowers, St Nicolas Church successfully applied for a council grant to plant wildflowers on the grass verge just above the wall onto Dyke Road. A group of us volunteered to help plant them and spent a few hours one Sunday lunchtime sowing hundreds of plants, and scattering seeds in preparation for the Summer, when it's hoped that bees will be attracted to the garden by the blooms.

The Church is where the beautiful Birgit was married to Ben last summer. So as well as enjoying the colourful display myself each time I head into town, I'm hoping they'll take pleasure in seeing the flowers too when they come to visit.

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