Monday, 16 May 2011

Beside the seaside.

I'm coming to the end of over 2 weeks of holiday and just about realising that I have hardly done any of the things I was planning to.
I've read just one and a half books, I've made one cushion, done far less yoga than I was hoping to and have blogged roughly three times.

There were so many craft projects that I was looking forward to getting done, but sometimes it's hard to find the motivation.

But following the launch of "Mollie Makes" magazine last week, I have been feeling suitably creative and finally got around to a major project yesterday.

A year or so ago I found some beautiful deckchairs in a second hand shop in Rye. As I bought them I could already imagine how they would look once I'd glammed them up; giving them a personal touch and matching them to the decor in my living room.

Covering one of the deck chairs took me all day and the final result looks nothing like I'd imagined. I had been intending to use deck chair fabric (preferably a red and white or blue and white stripe), but I was unable to find any that I liked so instead I used denim which I thought would be fun.

If you fancy doing something similar you will need:
A chair in need of some attention
Sandpaper, wood varnish and a paintbrush
Some pretty fabric
A trusty sewing machine.
Tacks and a hammer
A good dose of patience

Here's what I did:

Removed the old fabric from the chair, tugged out the scabby staples with a screwdriver and some pliers.

Sanded the chairdown, this really brought out the colour of the wood and removed lots of stains. Once I'd hoovered to remove any excess wood and sand, I covered the chair in varnish.

Meanwhile I measured the denim out based on the previous cover that I'd removed. When I tried it on the frame for size I realised that the fabric wasn't thick enough so had to make another layer which was a real pain.

As if it wasn't difficult enough, I decided that I needed a design on the chair to break up the plain blue denim. I initially wanted to sew some text onto the fabric but realised after a practice that it is impossible to sew anything other than a straight line.

Beach huts were an easier option.

I stitched the edges of the fabric together. My sewing machine really came through for me but I am not really much of a seamstress. Thus it looks as if a child sewed up the edges. Hmm.

Once it was all stitched up I attached the fabric to the chair using the tacks.

Was a bit nervous sitting on it to start with, but it seems to have worked a treat!
Far too posh for the beach!

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