Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gardening update

During my time off work at the start of the month, I prayed for rain and hoped that my little garden was getting enough water.

My boss offered to water the garden for me while I was away but as the days wore on with not a hint of rain, I worried that it was a bit cheeky of me to expect her to water it as often as was needed.

But when I returned to work on Wednesday, I was elated/overjoyed/relieved to see that not only had she been watering it, but so had my friends and some other allotment holders, with the result that everything I had planted before my break was doing really well.

There were tiny green strawberries, dozens of potato plants, the beetroot seedlings had started to come through and the chives had produced pretty lilac flowers. There were also some new additions, my boss had planted a rhubarb and a pumpkin onto my plot.

And best of all, some sweet peas that we had planted last year were already in bloom!

see if you can spot the little strawberry in the centre of the pic

these are my 2 rows of potatoes, there's a real mixture of different types

little beetroot plants

lovely chives that didn't grow last year but have come back from the dead

my scrumptious new rhubarb plant


these sweet peas have been brightening up the office!

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