Saturday, 21 May 2011

Wildflower window boxes - tutorial

There's still time to plant some wildflowers out in time for late summer blooms.

Here's how to make a window box full of wildflowers....

Acquire the following materials:

1. A wooden disposable (boo!) grocery box from your local greengrocers (thank you to the nice man at Taj)
2. Compost or some nutritious soil
3. Wildflowers Seeds (mine are from wildsacks who mix supporting grasses with the flowers)
4. A carrier bag

Stage 1:
Cut the handles off the carrier bag and cut down the sides to make a rectangle. Cut a few holes into the bag and lay this inside the box. This will help contain the soil and the holes provide drainage. Put a generous amount of soil into the box, mine is about 10cm high.

Stage 2:
Give the soil a good watering and sprinkle with what is probably far too many seeds.

Stage 3:
Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.
If you suffer from visits by seagulls or pigeons, you should also bird proof your box. Do this by covering with netting, or attaching something that catches the sunlight (old CDs, a sparkly windmill) to scare them off.

Stage 4:
Wait. And wait some more. And after about 6 weeks of waiting they will look like this:

I'm looking forward to seeing what will grow, it looks like there is a real mixture of different things so I will post a picture as soon as I spot some flowers!

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