Saturday, 11 June 2011

Elderflower Cordial

Working where I work can often be a pain. Most of you know that I rarely feel rewarded by the duties I carry out, and often feel frustrated by the decisions made by those in positions of power.

But I’ve reached a point where other aspects of my working life contribute more to my overall happiness than the few hours spent at my desk. My colleagues are fab, the company actively supports community volunteering and the canteen does a cracking fried breakfast.

The site is incredibly impressive too. Aside from the allotments and greenhouse, which provide me with so much enjoyment it’s hard to contemplate ever leaving, we have onsite bee hives and an ongoing programme to create natural habitats attracting beneficial wildlife to the area. In addition, there are apples trees and huge blackberry hedges, and around a dozen elder bushes on the approach to the allotments.

It was from these elder bushes that the chief ingredient for this week’s kitchen experiment came...

Elderflower cordial was a lot less complicated than I thought it should be. Pour boiling water onto the flower heads, put in a terrifying amount of sugar, add slices of lemon and zest and leave to infuse for 48 hours.

And infusing in a cool, dark place is where we shall leave this story for now. Update due soon when it’s ready to drink...

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