Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tea bags Tutorial

Lots of you have been asking me how I made the teabags for Nina that I mentioned here.

Though quite fiddly, they were incredibly easy to make, and are such a nice, personal gift I can definitely recommend you give it a go.

First step is to decide which tea to use. It took me about a month to dry some peppermint from Chris’ garden which I then scrunched up to put into the bags but you could pick your favourite loose tea if you prefer. Alice always brings me this one back when she visits Newcastle.

Cut some muslin into teabag sized squares and use your machine to sew three sides up.

Fill the bags with the tea and sew the final side up.

Snip off the threads. Because the bags are homemade, they need to look a bit rustic to prove that you made them. So it’s good if they look a little bit messy (or in my case, very messy).

Make some beautiful labels. I made a crochet chain from the tag which I sewed to each teabag. This was quite awkward to do but it was the best way I could think to make the thread look nice. Sew the chain by hand with a couple of stitches to the tea bag.

Take a few moments of stillness to proudly enjoy your homemade tea bag or make a pretty origami box and give to a dear tea-drinking friend.

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  1. lovely idea for a gift ... I'd be too lazy to make them, knowing that they will be chucked after I had my cup of tea :-(