Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Your mother was a hamster...

I had been wondering for a while why you don't see Elderberry Jam more often? At this time of year, the berries are in abundance and being that they are free, I thought they'd be a popular choice amongst budding cooks.

At the weekend, my first (and very likely the last) attempt at making some elderberry jam mostly went wrong, giving me an insight into its absence on farm shop shelves.

To catalogue my difficulties:

1) It took approx an hour and a half to remove just 500g of berries from the twigs.
2) After4 wrinkle tests and 15 minutes, the jam still had not set.
3) By this time, I could smell burning. Yep, burnt elderberries stuck to bottom of pan.
4) Still some twigs in jam, spent 45 mins sieving through muslin to get a tiny jar full
5) Didn't manage to remove colour from my hands until next day.

But despite it taking the best part of Saturday morning, the jam did taste very nice on some crumpets.

By next year I'll have forgotten and will probably think it's a good idea to make it again.

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