Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Power of Making

I went to the V&A for the first time just over a week ago to see the Power of Making, which is on until 2nd January.

The exhibition puts both contemporary and traditional crafts in the spotlight, demonstrating how Making remains relevant in the present and explaining how the techniques on display fall into one of three different groups; Adding materials (embroidery, painting), Subtracting materials (engraving, carving) and Transforming materials (glassblowing, baking).

There were so many favourite items it’s hard to choose highlights. The content was perfectly arranged and Jonathan and I spent a decent couple of hours exploring the space, learning about a variety of different techniques and items created by skilled craftspeople. In the first instance, I was drawn to the traditional crafty items; the knitted wallpaper, the crochetdermy bear, the Prisoner of War cross stitch samplers. But I found many new ideas I never thought would’ve appealed to me: the decorative funeral caskets and the 3D printers enabling children to turn their 2 dimensional sketch of a building into a tangible plastic toy. Fascinating.

Please go and see the exhibition. We’re so lucky to be gifted an insight into how these experts use their skills to solve problems and change the way we live our lives, and the Guest Curator, Daniel Charny drives home the importance of making by reminding us that “The knowledge of how to make is one of humanity’s most precious resources”.

On that note, I'll leave you with the V&A's own picture of the very frightening crochetdermy bear. Brilliant.

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