Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Grans and blankets

When we were children, my Nan was knitting or crocheting every time we went to see her, except the rare exception at Christmas, when we would receive some beautiful knitted goodies, a jumper, a hat, or one year, huge knitted clowns almost as big as us.

Now that one of my best friends is pregnant, my mind has been racing with ideas of what I can crochet for the baby. I'm really looking forward to making some gifts.

But I've got the mother in law to contend with! Look at this beautiful ripple blanket made by Baby's gran-to-be!!! It's amazing.

I've started practicing, here's my first attempt! I've got some way to go yet...


  1. Looking good Lyndsey! Ripples are so easy and therapeutic to stitch, don't you think? x x