Sunday, 4 March 2012

Everyone's a winner!

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a nice weekend.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the marigold giveaway, I always feel very drawn to flowers at this time of year so was very glad you all got into the swing of things and shared some of your favourite flowers. Here are the things that you recommended:

Carla and Olga at Polka Dot Lighthouse love the handmade fabric Ranunculus over at Wedding Bee.

Emma must love this time of year, she's been busy crocheting some favourite daffodils which you can buy from her etsy shop.
Debbie shared a selection of her own crochet flowers

Carla recommended a crochet expert that I've been following for a while too, Attic 24 always has a beautiful, bright crochet project on the go.

and Calendula Grower on twitter loved the Rainbow birthday cupcakes at Twig and Toadstool.

Thank you so much for sharing these fantastic images. I've spent the weekend potting flowers so will have some pictures of my own to show you later this week.
So now to the moment you've all been waiting for...

There were 5 of you that contributed to the giveaway and 3 of you got a bonus entry for following me on google.

So that means that everyone gets a prize! The winner of the goodies is Polka Dot Lighthouse and everyone else gets a packet of seeds! Sow them in a sunny spot outdoors towards the end of this month or you can start them off inside and plant out mid to end of April.

Please all email me your addresses to and I shall pop your prizes in the post within the week!

Thank you all so much for taking part!



  1. Wow! How exciting to have won, along with everyone else. You are very generous :) will send you an e-mail now. Seriously in shock at this win!

  2. yayayay! can't wait to receive my seeds! I'll email you my address now :) thanks so much hun x x

  3. Ah...I like the kind of contest where everyone wins! Thanks Lyndsey!