Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Great Escape 2012

Had an amazing time at The Great Escape this year.

Top discoveries included Niki and the Dove, Friends, Dillon and Haim and Yukon Blonde. There was a lovely set by Majorca's Oso leone and I adored Me and the Bees from Barcelona. Look them all up!

Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny performed one of the best sets I've ever seen them play, reminiscent of the first time we saw them at The Old Market back in 2009; fun, lively and upbeat. Beth looked relaxed and comfortable and her hairstyle was just fab. I can't wait to see them again at No Direction Home next month.

But far and away the highlight of the festival was the first band we saw on Thursday afternoon. Francois and the Atlas Mountains play a mix of romantic pop and what I think is called Afrobeat. Arriving at The Prince Albert, they were just about the frenchest looking people I had ever seen. Genial. Their set was wonderful; loud and energetic, with dreamy vocals, amazing beats and subtle dance routines. The percussionist was incredible, making beautiful noises by hitting all manner of drums and other assorted objects. They were having such a good time on stage. The tunes were the superlative of catchy and we spent the entire weekend humming the melody to Les Plus Beaux, and that included Christian who didn't even turn up until Friday. I'd be willing to bet he's humming it in the office as we speak.

Go and check out the band here, buy their album here and watch this video to get the tune stuck in your head too.

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