Friday, 18 May 2012

The Knitted Garden at Emmaus

On Tuesday I took a trip on the number 1 bus to one of my favourite places in Hove. 

Emmaus is so much more than a charity for the homeless. The grounds contain all you need for a perfect day out; a Second-hand superstore filled with all manner of beautiful linens, furniture, books, records and homewares, glorious gardens and a cafe serving a first class fry up for breakfast. 

It's a community as well. The people there are friendly and chatty and interesting and always have a little story or two to share, and the Goodwill Coop is a group of crafters making blankets, brooches, jumpers and other knitted and sewn goodies to support the project. 

For the past couple of years the Goodwill Coop have taken part in the Brighton Festival Fringe; last year they knitted a living room and this year they decided to create a knitted garden. Being a combination of my two favourite pastimes, I was very excited to see it and I was allowed to take a couple of snaps. 

Look at all the work that's gone into it! So much detail...there's masses to look at... flowers, grass, garden furniture, fruit and vegetables and some animal and gnome friends enjoying the outdoors! All knitted from donated wool! 

These pictures show some of my favourite bits but you must go along and see it yourself. Looking back over these pictures, I spotted dozens of things that I hadn't seen on my visit and I'm sure I'll notice other things the more I look at them. The attention to detail is just spectacular. 

You can buy knitted flowers from the Goodwill Coop for around £2 each and the patterns for just £3.50 per booklet if you're inclined to try some of the knitted things yourself. There's even a special offer on at the moment to buy 5 of the pattern books for just £10. I couldn't resist

Let me know what you think of it. 


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